Items to Address

Roof and Chimney – The shingles should be intact with no missing pieces. The mortar between the bricks of the chimney should be solid and not crumbling.
Gutters – The gutters should be clean. An overflow of leaves and weeds screams poor maintenance to buyers.
Pressure Wash – The exterior of the house should be pressure washed. A clean looking house can add a few thousand dollars worth of perceived value.
Windows and Trim – If the paint on the windows or trim needs attention, have them repainted to a suitable color. Any cracked or broken glass should be replaced. Be sure to clean the windows inside and out.
House Numbers – If the property is more than a couple of years old, the house numbers have probably seen better days. They can either be repainted to match the trim of the house, or they can be replaced for a couple of bucks per number.
Mailbox – The lonely mailbox often gets neglected. If it’s faded, wobbly, or dented, replace it with a new one.
Front Door – A new front door can greatly increase a property’s value. Studies have shown that a replaced door more than pays for itself as an upgrade when selling a home.
Landscaping – A good looking, well-designed landscape can add up to 14% to a home’s value. That’s a significant price difference that you can’t ignore!
Carpet – Carpeting is the landscaping of the interior. A seller’s investment in new carpets can drive up the home’s value to make it a worthwhile upgrade.
Lighting Fixtures – Well-placed lighting can do wonders to the interior. Use it to highlight the key features and improvements of the property.

Mistakes to Avoid

Driveway – Remove any clutter from the driveway. Make sure no cars are parked in the driveway during a showing as it can suggest to buyers that the house is not big enough. A car in the driveway is also distracting in pictures.
Personal Possession – Lawn ornaments, sporting equipment, and children’s toys are a huge eyesore. A clean, organized appearance is much more welcoming for prospects.
Paint Colors – Ideally, the exterior should have a neutral paint color such as gray or beige. If the seller opted to paint the house in any extreme colors, remind them that some buyers may find it unattractive.
Dead Plants – Have dead plants and leaves removed prior to any showings. Not only do they make the outside seem messy, but they also make the area they cover seem smaller.

Quick Gardening Tips

– Give some attention to existing plant beds by removing weeds and overgrown plants.
– Prune shrubs to tidy up their appearance.
– Tree branches that hang too low should be trimmed to an appropriate size.
– If the landscape is looking too dull, adding a few small trees and some colorful plants can make a significant improvement.

Dear sellers a pretty house not only sells quicker, but also tends to bring a higher sale price.