Always start by mentioning any of your own concerns. – Click here for a printable version

Interior Checklist

Attic / Basement

  • Can you get to the attic easily?
  • Is the attic well ventilated?
  • Are there any signs of water damage in the attic?
  • Does the basement smell damp or musty?
  • Are there any signs of water damage in the basement?
  • Are there any cracks in the foundation?

Fireplace / HVAC

  • Is the mortar on the fireplace crumbling or loose?
  • Do you see smoke stains around the exterior of the firebox?
  • Is there any creosote buildup in the firebox?
  • Do I need a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) inspection?

Water / Electricity

  • Is the shut-off switch on the water heater easy to access?
  • Will the size of the water heater suit your needs?
  • Is the fuse box/main panel easy to access?
  • Is the electrical up to code and good enough for this home?
  • Are there enough outlets in each room?
  • Do all of the electrical outlets work?

Walls, Floors, Windows and Doors

  • Are there any water spots on ceilings, walls, or floors throughout the house?
  • Is the drywall pulling away?
  • Are there any cracks in the walls?
  • Do any of the floors slope?
  • Are any of the doors or windows broken?
  • Are the doors properly sealed?
  • Are there any signs of mold/mildew on the windows/sills?


  • Is the bathroom well ventilated?
  • Is the caulking around the bathtub or shower moldy or missing?
  • Is the tub or shower cracked?
  • Run the faucets. How is the pressure? Do they drain properly?
  • Does the bathroom floor feel spongy and/or have any loose tiles?


  • Is there ventilation above all cooking appliances in the kitchen?
  • Are the kitchen cabinets secured to the wall?
  • Run the faucet. How is the pressure? Does it drain properly?
  • Are there any signs of leaking under the kitchen sink or refrigerator?
  • Does the kitchen floor feel spongy and/or have any loose tiles?

Exterior Checklist

  • Is the balcony/deck built to code?
  • Is the balcony/deck pitched away from the home for proper drainage?
  • Are the railings/steps safe and secure?
  • If the exterior is made of wood, are there any signs of rot or termite damage?
  • If the exterior is made of brick, are the bricks and mortar in good condition?
  • Is the mortar on the chimney crumbling or loose?
  • Are any shingles on the roof broken, buckled, or missing?
  • Are the gutters/drain spouts in good shape?
  • Is the foundation solid?
  • Are there any cracks in the foundation?
  • Is there any water in the yard or around the foundation?
  • Is the driveway/walkway cracked or uneven?
  • Does the driveway/walkway drain properly?

General Questions

  • What are the common problems you find in homes from this era?
  • (If you need repairs) Do you have any idea what this might cost?
  • (If you need repairs) Can you recommend anyone who could do the work?
  • If this was your house, what would you fix and when?
  • May I call you if I have any follow-up questions?